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Frequently Asked Questions

 Are turbines noisy?

No, the blades rotate at a relatively slow speed. Blades aerodynamics and no gearbox all contribute to ensure the turbines are quiet in operation.

 Do turbines interfere with telecoms radio or tv equipment?


 Will I have to change any of the wiring in my house?

No, a turbine can easily be installed at any existing home without the need to change any wiring or appliances. In most cases, the ESB will install a smart meter to replace old meter to measure import and export electricity.

 Do I need planning permission?

No if:

A: The total height of the turbine does not exceed 13 metres

B: The rotor diameter shall not exceed 6 metres.

C: The minimum clearance between the lower tip of rotor and ground level shall not be less than 3 metres.

D: The supporting tower shall be a distance of not less than the total structure (including the blade of the turbine at the highest point of its arc) plus 1 metre from any party boundary.

E: Noise levels must not exceed 43db during normal operation or in excess of 5db above background noise, whichever is greater. As measured from the nearest neighbouring inhabited dwelling.

F: No more than one turbine shall be erected within the cartilage of a house.

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