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Vertical Wind TurbineSkyVolt ™ is the trademark and business name of the renewable energy division of Stone Electrical Ltd. Stone Electrical are RECI registered electrical contractors who have been in existence since 1994. SkyVolt ™ was set up in May 2009 following extensive research and training in the field of micro generation.

What We Do
It is now possible for both domestic and business electricity customers to install their own electrical generator while still remaining connected to their electricity supplier.

These generators can be powered by wind, sun or water. They produce electricity for their owners and sell any excess power to the national grid. SkyVolt ™ is now supplying and installing these generators. Typical payback times are between 5 and 9 years depending on size and type.


Micro generators and their control equipment should only be supplied by fully qualified and suitably trained RECI registered electrical contractors.

For more information on Stone Electrical Ltd. please visit our website.

SkyVolt ™- Significantly reducing your energy costs.

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